Being a therapist is a sacred responsibility.  I help my clients to access their own inner healing resources so that they can transform their deepest pain into growth.  Each client arrives at my office with different gifts.  Together, we create a therapeutic space which is particular to us.  Clients use this space to learn about themselves and about what it means to be human.  I am grateful to share in this process with them.

Therapy with me is not simply a conversation; it is an experience.  I find that even clients who have continued to struggle after gaining intellectual insight in other kinds of therapy can benefit from experiential work.  My therapeutic training is in Gestalt, EMDR, and DBT therapies.  All of these modalities help people to integrate the mind and the body.  Gestalt and DBT promote awareness of the body, the emotions, and the present moment.  EMDR, a trauma therapy, relies on neuroscience and body awareness to enable people to process difficult experiences from the past.  Through healing experiences, clients become more fully themselves.

I came to therapy after a career as a cultural anthropologist. This training enables me to place the specific stresses of our modern information society in the context of a larger world.  Anthropology allows me to see how each individual is impacted by the roots and routes that make up our lives.  It informs my work both with clients suffering from the impact of racism and those struggling to understand their privilege.  The broad perspective of anthropology helps me to keep an open mind and open heart.